ASME Engineering Ltd is a leading steel engineering company based in Harrow and operating throughout all counties in the Southeast. Our core activities are the design, manufacture and on-site assembly of steel for the construction industry.

Major clients include the Chorus Group, Structuretone, Skanska, Mercury, the Kier Group, ISG, Shepherd Engineering, Harrow Council and British Aerospace.

Over 20 years of experience have earned ASME a very strong presence in the area of structural, architectural and temporary steelwork. Traditionally, the responsibility for a project's steel requirements will fall to a building company acting as sub-contractor for the main contractor. However, building companies are often unable to fully appreciate the highly specialised area of steel. That is why ASME favour a different, more efficient way of getting the job done



The demand for data centres is huge and still growing, and represents one of the largest sectors for ASME.


ASME have proved expert in supplying and installing temporary steelwork for demolition projects.


For buildings being refurbished, ASME have been contracted to supply a great diversity of quality steel elements.


For over two decades ASME has supplied the highest quality of workmanship